Volkswagen Historical

The cars began as tricycles. In late 1886, Carl Benz, the first test with his "Veloziped" which had a single front wheel to steer the vehicle.

Now, 121 years later, Volkswagen is again agree that design, but uses the rear wheel to drive the vehicle. The GX3 mounted a 1.6 liters engine which has a six-speed transmission.

But before going further, do a bit of memory. For decades, Wolfsburg was plunged in a lethargy. Occasionally waking up with big hits and was surprised as Beetle or Golf. But that was long ago. Since early last year, VW sent to the sunny beaches of California to a computer named "Moonraker", in reference to the pioneering work of American astronauts. His mission was to meet the wishes of the customers of the brand with the help of local design center.

His first project is the GX3, which measures 3.75 meters long, 1.85 wide and only 1.21 high. This two-seater has a mission, as stated VW to open "a whole new dimension of driving and create a closer proximity to the bike." And that in the U.S. is important, since these vehicles have own reserved lanes in major cities.

More importantly, the fun of driving. The GX3 accelerates in 5.7 seconds to 100 km / h and if America were a country with no speed limit, the tachometer the slight Tricycle (570 pounds) may indicate occasionally 125 miles (200 km / h). After all, it is assumed that the four-cylinder delivers 125 hp and consumes only half of 5.2 liters.
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