Supermoto World Series come to Bulgaria

Supermoto World Series come to Bulgaria
The Grand Prix of Italy, held on April 3rd marked the opening round of the new SuperMoto time. Now, Bulgaria is able to host one more round from the 2011 FIM SuperMoto Planet Championship and UEM SuperMoto European Championship this weekend.
Supermoto World Series come to Bulgaria

The Grand Prix of Bulgaria will be disputed at the exclusive tarmac tabs on Pleven, a demanding circuit found in the North of the nation at the center of the Danube lowland.

Riders will need to positively face the challenging 516- meter asphalt sky part and also the 1204-meter slide. Just the best may have the chance to stand on the Bulgarian podium, that last year was conquered by Mauno Hermunen, protagonist of the maiden GP. The Finnish challenger was joined by gifted Thomas Chareyre and Davide Gozzini, who clinched the 2nd and 3rd spot respectively.

Taken separately, the star from the Italian GP was defending Planet Champion and red plate holder Thomas Chareyre of TM Factory Racing. Chareyre completed while watching Husqvarna Factory member Mauno Hermunen and the HM Honda Racing rider Ivan Lazzarini, who arrived second and 3rd area respectively.

“The two are detaining exactly the same positions also in the Championship standings: Hermunen includes a 15-point gap in the French leader and is separated from Lazzarini because of an 11-point advantage. The latter need to focus on KTM 747 Motorsport Davide Gozzini, who's only one position far from him,” an official statement reads.
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