Polaris Introduces 2009 ATV and RANGER

Polaris Introduces 2009 ATV and RANGER

The year model 2009 presents a new era for the pole star ATVs and the side-by-sides of FORESTER. Because the pole star sportsman welcomes its a-millionth customer, the line of ATV presents the new models of sportsman which are of 99 percent the new ones and reinvent legendary sportsman ATV with more power and a still better turn. The pole star also present an owner 6x6 all-nine and ultra-hard of sportsman 800 and one design at the quadruple of sport of outlaw of high efficiency. The year model 2009 brings the launching of the most significant product in the history of FOREST pole star GUARD with the introduction of the commercial vehicles of FOREST GUARD of next generation which work EVEN harder and assemble EVEN the smoothing tool. The new models include the rough FOREST GUARD reorganized 4x4 and the FOREST GUARD XP and the all-new FOREST GUARD and resistant HD.

The r�cr�ationnelle line of FORESTER includes the improvements with the FORESTER of a burning red RZR, and the addition of the FORESTER RZR S. of pure-sport. The line of sportsman with his legendary turn and handling, welcomes that sportsman XP models as an element of his line 1-Up of the best quality of ATVs sportsman. With a turn still better than the traditional sportsman, the XPs sportsman are built for the execution of Xtreme. Ninety percent again, sportsman XP are available with new, more-powerful pole star twin engine of 850 EFI or morepowerful, engine of 550 EFI. A suspension improved including/understanding the duelle suspension of before A-Arm and the IRS rolled to the back makes the smoothing tool of the turn of XPs of sportsman and more ordered, with the guard of voyage of the highest suspension and on the ground. To further increase the turn, the offer of XPs of sportsman patented, the direction of anti-by-effect to decrease the tiredness and pole star of rider also offers two additional models, the sportsman 850 XP and 550 XP with the electronic power-assisted steering, for the additional facility of direction. The models comprise to also better seize, highest to draw and tow, and the greatest capacity of support. With more power and a better turn, the XPs sportsman will see updated who includes better wheels ergonomic and new and better an adjustment and completion.

The owner is behind and taller than ever! The new owner 6x6 of sportsman 800 has an engine of 800 classes, orders of axis of six-wheel with the back suspension independent of six-wheel. Known as plough horse of the line of sportsman, the owner 2009 of sportsman 800 6x6 provides more power and a better suspension doing final work ATV to him.
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