How to Change the ignition system Dc

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Jupiter modification ekstrim by mechanical Biki
Changing the ignition system Dc (default) with the ignition system such as AC on the Vega (from Magneto and CDI spull and play
knocken as.

Kohar :
1.cutting head silender
2. cutting block silender
3. ported intake
4. reamer karbu
5. standard carburetor 115 main jet 25 pilot
6. CDI racing without racing koil added this would also be
7. OS 50 (standard piston) can run 120 km / h brake
8. Sprocket 14/33 (achievable top speed) or 15/37 (achievable acceleration)
9. Kem racing / papas
Replace the valve 10.Per have Crypton / Vega-ori japan
11. plate racing clutch
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