Modifikasi Suzuki Satria F-150

There are two strengths which the most important attraction of the modifications to the Ficdiyanto Agus Suzuki Satria F-150 2007' s Benny van Sidoarjo. Certain not super-ondiep low-rider a style or use the hindmost rim Honda jazz auto' s are frequently used in the engine acquired characteristic. The strength of these modifications reflected in the back. Firstly some swing poor (swing poor). Design of artificial Alphasierra builders of only the model. This concept is not an opening, the advantage is the format 4x6 cm. " Therefore I was in search of a strong pipe line with 3 mm cross-sections, " Agus are a modification of the workshop concerning last West Rangkut Asri X/39, Surabaya. The design, made according to Agus similar pro Honda NSR SP poor, but not identical. Only the larger dimension, because it the size of the car contains rim 5 inches. Another one unique in strength is a rear wheel brake system. General is the engine used disks, with fish riffraff position bersebrangan barracks. Nou, this statement correct Agus together accelerations coupled and are to the outside. This idea became a challenge, because it must be made cradle that connection directly to acceleration. Not only that, BY must also and strong a good position to get. Way, put at the end of the arm. " Beside a strong position to make an end to the disk put, the baffle, the plaatsing of these BY this way cold and hevig" , thus Agus. Although the changes filled in the body, it in the middle of of a set audio. It became more firmly, but it sees there sangar mengnurangi Satria F-150. (Ronie)

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