Chevrolet All New Aveo and Orlando

This year's Paris Motor Show is certainly full of emotions.

This is the rare car brand offers four world premieres at a public concert. But Chevrolet is showcasing some of the greatest pleasure to his audience: Corvette, Camaro and V are also in a position of strength. And if this were not enough, they also show a countdown to the centenary of the first Chevrolet in 2011.

This year is not just cars. YCC - Young Creative Chevrolet - Chevrolet has sponsored the foundation that nurtures the creative talent of art. This year's winners - the decision-making stars of fashion, art, photography, music and video - has been celebrated in a special event held in Forains Musée des Arts in Paris, last night. We bring the material in this case, including a fashion show, which - in addition to the fabulous clothes - including dogs and vintage Chevrolet.

In fact, the show is a buzzing, using Twitter to keep you on the right-to-date information and new video. Twitter feeds and videos from this page - usually September 30, the first day of the show, but you can also follow events there @ chevrolet.

So, what should be a stand? Use these links to find what you're looking for quickly
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